15 tricks and skeletons in the Clash Royale!

How to use Skeletons in Clash Royale-advanced tactics. Skeletons are one of the best units in the game. They can hold enemy forces, can lure enemies, do damage, and even help to get the right cards out of the deck faster. Next-15 tricks using skeletons from professionals in Clash Royale. But before reading, we recommend you to read the manual for free gems, apk by link https://100appsnow.com/free-gems-for-clash-royale.

Than good skeletons:

Skeletons have the best price-to-damage ratio in the game. For one elixir, they can deal almost as much damage as, for example, Goblins (2 elixirs) or other, much more expensive and heavy units.

If you need a card that you get next (it is shown in the lower left corner), you can reset the Skeletons in just one elixir, and you will still have a potion for any further action.

If your Skeletons are covered with a tank, such as a Giant, they can cause great damage. Usually, the enemy mind spending 3 essences to Arrows, and all over again because the Skeletons are only one elixir.

Skeletons can distract a part of a Horde of minions, take four blows on themselves and give your tower enough time to deal with Minions independently. Total, you can almost completely neutralize the damage he spells for 5 Elixir cost Skeletons in 1 elixir. To do this, you can either put them to the bridge after the Horde has already flown or the Skeletons against the Minions.

You can do the same with the Dragon – if you put the Skeletons right in the center of your half of the Arena, when the Dragon flies over the bridge and put the Skeletons so that they ran to the opposite bridge, the Dragon will fly after them through your entire half of the Arena, and both your towers will destroy it. And again you will get a tangible advantage in the elixir.

You can save your tower from the Sorcerer by properly placed Skeletons. To do this, throw them directly at the sorcerer so that the Skeletons surrounded him. In this case, the Sorcerer will need three attacks to kill them all, and during this time they will cause him enough damage, and your tower will help. With the witch do the same — throw Skeletons right on her when her Skeletons are not alive.

With the Dark Prince, this strategy does not pass — if you throw the Skeletons at him, he kills them instantly. To protect yourself from the Dark Prince, try the following trick: wait for the Dark Prince to hit your tower and drop his charge, then throw the Skeletons right in front of him — between the Dark Prince and your tower. This will move the Dark Prince 1 square away from your tower, which means your tower won’t take damage from him (the Dark Prince hits the area). If for comparison, you throw Skeletons directly at him, they will not move him away from your tower, which means that your tower will take damage with each attack of the Dark Prince. A similar technique will save you 100-200 health at the tower if you will use it.

If the Prince runs to your tower, the Skeletons placed right in front of him will save the Tower from double damage.

The Princess, too, should not just surround them with Skeletons, throwing them right on top of her head. Her attack on the area will destroy all the Skeletons with a single shot. To kill the Princess Skeletons, wait until she takes the target something else, such as your Tower. After that, feel free to throw at her or next to her skeletons, they will understand.

On ranged units such as Archers, Goblins, spearmen, and Musketeers, you need to throw Skeletons so that they surrounded them, that is, right on top.

Against melee units, such as a Knight, you need to put the Skeletons closer to the center of your half of the Arena. In this case, the enemy unit will make a small arc, going to the Skeletons, which will increase the time that your Tower will shoot at him.

If against you is a Valkyrie, Skeletons will not help you alone to kill her — she will, in any case, destroy them all with one blow. However, the time that the Valkyrie will spend walking and hitting will save your tower about 500 health if the Valkyrie is alone against your tower.

If your tower runs Rider, the Skeletons can help to kill him faster. The difference in the health of the Tower without the help of Skeletons and with them is more than 700-this means that with the help of Skeletons you will save 700 health of your tower. And even if the enemy uses Freeze or Discharge against your Skeletons, you will have enough elixir to trigger something else.

Against powerful combos, such as Rider + Valkyrie, Skeletons can also help. If you put Skeletons so that the Valkyrie was distracted by them, you will give yourself enough time to rest your units were engaged in the Rider, not the Valkyrie.

If you are against a combo goes like a Giant + a Wizard, do this: wait until the Wizard will take your tower to the goal, then put the Skeletons for the Witch. In this case, the Skeletons will destroy the Sorcerer and take over the Giant. If you put the Skeletons in front of the Sorcerer, the Sorcerer will change the target and destroy the Skeletons in priority, and then again will take over your Tower.