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15 tricks and skeletons in the Clash Royale!

How to use Skeletons in Clash Royale-advanced tactics. Skeletons are one of the best units in the game. They can hold enemy forces, can lure enemies, do damage, and even help to get the right cards out of the deck faster. Next-15 tricks using skeletons from professionals in Clash Royale. But before reading, we recommend […]

Marvel universe: from the origins to the Era of ALTRON

Marvel Studios can be accused of anything, but not that the movie Studio is not suitable seriously for seven years, the company managed to take eleven feature films, three TV series, five short films, and stop, apparently, is not going to. Until 2019, the Studio plans to release in theaters eleven (!) tapes and at […]

Main movies of Star Wars

Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope (Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope) The episode was the first film epic and was released a little less than 40 years ago, in 1977, and the first work on it began in 1974. The film’s budget was 11 million dollars, and has collected 215 million […]