F1 2018 Review

Last year on the track in Melbourne so I entered the turn side-by-side with Vettel, Hamilton and other stars of Formula 1. Now you hear the voice of the engineer. He advises it is better to warm up the tires and not worry about fuel. All I can think of right now — the damn roll cage “Halo”, which the FIA gave the riders over the head, spit on athletes, and fans. I have it right in front of my face because of him, I can’t see the nose of the car, but this is the new reality for racers and gamers, the championship rules have changed, and F1 2018 — almost there. The new game is very similar to last year’s predecessor, and it is even good.

Last year F1 made in 2017 for the series a quantum leap forward: graphics, physics, career mode is updated — we got a game of Royal races, which have always deserved. Face a new part of the task was to preserve and increase the accumulated success. It worked. The visual part is slightly prettier in the details, the developers have added gloss and twirled weather effects — race in the rain cause I had a mixture of awe and delight — because it is nice and scary.

Career mode is slightly changed. The important part was the interview after the race where the journalists figuratively drove me into a corner from time to time asked provocative questions like those, where you had to say what I think about team work and what my plans are for the future. To my surprise the answers mattered. Depending on said changes the team’s attitude, which can turn into sympathy, and as a consequence, in the proposed contract. However, it is possible to say the wrong thing, so much so that your will start to look askance, therefore, to follow the language still stands. However, such urgency media get bored very quickly. I hope that a real pilot of Formula 1 this plan lives easier.

I also caught the eye greater amount of cut-scenes compared to F1 2017. The series continues to move in the direction of entertainment like FIFA and NBA — those annual holidays for fans of a particular sport can be taken as a benchmark. If Codemasters will continue in the same spirit a couple of years we will have another role model.

The F1 championship 2018 corresponds to the real one suffering frame “Halo” is worth. It took me some time to get used to. The fact that I have traditionally raced in the F1 games with a first person view over the pilot’s head, focusing on the nose of the car, and now it is almost invisible. Those who used the same camera, I can only advise to look at the narrow vertical element on the nose, he’s the only one left in sight. Well, one of the camera right on the helmet, then the frame will be slightly higher, but the discomfort still remains.

Variety Codemasters keeps using proven techniques: weekly events, custom races and classic cars of the past, where veterans of the series and the fans of Formula 1 will find a special pleasure, a ride on the historic cars. To my delight, I found that the physics of each of them feels significantly from each other. An additional source of admiration, the game will be in good headphones when you can listen to the famous roaring sound of the engine, rejecting all extraneous sources of noise.

Like its predecessor, F1 2018 is for the player of any level. Those who just want to ride, are always welcome: ride, but start any better for the machine. More experienced riders will want to get under the hood. You can configure anything you want: stiffness, clearance, composition of tires, gear ratios of the engine. Even added the energy recovery system ERS. In the right hands it will greatly enhance the car and add power to the engine.

For those these settings and Windows seem a little, there are many others. For example, team reports, pilots statistics and reports about the condition of the car. A Paradise for of the bureaucrat and technician where you can get stuck for long hours. Unfortunately, the game lacks any centralized system of education, so many things have to study blindly. At first I did not understand why this is necessary. Will have to make friends with the search engine.

Sooner or later, fate will throw in multiplayer. Well, at least out of curiosity. Go see it for the thrills. F1 2018 adopted from Gran Turismo Sport system of weeding out the bad guys online — safety rating. Careful drivers on the starting grid with the same gentlemen, and frostbitten cabs, lovers RAM the opponent into the corner, going side by side with their own kind. There’s also a League table where the most daring and skillful will have a chance to reach the summit of multiplayer glory.

About the games that come out every year to say hard, but even harder to make a decision about the purchase. F1 2018 is a product of evolution and something radically new in it, but the game is made with love and attention to detail. Every aspect became a little better, and the only drawback (and it is not obvious) is the lack of localization and a good tutorial. Otherwise, this is a sturdy and high-quality game, suitable for both beginners and veterans of the Royal race. Next year I’m going to return regularly on the track.