Guns of Boom — a great shooter in the style of Counter-Strike for Android and iOS

Mobile games continue to improve in recent copy of the multifaceted gameplay of console and PC games. However, not everyone is able to offer both simple, interesting and will engross the gameplay. Online co-op shooter Guns of Boom did it.

Once in battle!

Guns of Boom belongs to those few games that immediately thrown into the battle. If you have ever played Counter-Strike, then immediately settled into the Guns of the Boom, the barrier to entry is extremely low, the matches are very similar.

For everyone else, explain that two teams of 4-5 players in each skirmish with each other for 5 minutes or until reaching 500 points.

It’s the classic team Deathmatch games, where every kill adds points to the team, so we need to kill as many as possible and die as little as possible. Spawn is happening on the bases, although these positions are not hard-coded.

The server determines on which of the ten cards you will play and picks players by level. The maps are small but well thought out and balanced — you can hide in the alley in wait with a shotgun, to take a position on the roof with the sniper rifle or to shoot all of the machine on the street.

If you are tired of team Deathmatch games, you can try other modes that are as a gaming event in a few days.

One of them is a firefight when all give for a sniper rifle and offer to fill frags. Playing in this mode, you may notice that the combat system takes into account the point of impact — damage to the head is much higher than the body. Also happens to be a kind of critical damage when the target is destroyed with the first shot.

Another mode, capture the point when need to release the position from enemies and raise its flag, after which the team begins to earn points. There is already required a coordinated work of all the players, and the mechanics of resembles some Battlefield.

In battle, you can pick up weapons from fallen enemies to use the equipment and different kinds of weapons, chosen on the basis of a combat situation. Simple layout of gameplay, easy kills, quick rounds and constant victories — all this makes Guns of Boom is extremely addictive, after 10 minutes of gameplay.


The character may use two slots with the gear — most often it is a grenade and a first aid kit, or their improved versions. Often in battle, these two subject matter can decide the outcome of the encounter, so they should keep available at all times. Unfortunately, they are bought only for gold.

The weapons in the game are six types of knives, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, into battle you can bring one representative. Each trunk has its own set of characteristics: power, accuracy, range and magazine size.

For the sake of balance all the weapons in the game invented, as its characteristics — do not be surprised, taking up a gun with a magazine for 60 rounds or a sniper rifle, a leading automatic fire.

Some barrels have a unique property, for example, set fire to the target, or restore your health due to the health of the enemy. The weapon is well balanced and not to say that some kind of premium trunk solves all problems.

The overall balance is also good against many players will not let you, and if the rival team will be strong donate, then it can compete.

Also, the player can put on the character helmet, a bulletproof vest and knee pads to improve those or other characteristics — the damage done to the armor or increase the speed. All of this is customizable through the main menu and stored in the character dressed always.

Any barrel or outfit can additionally be pumped to raise performance, but, not infusing money into the game, it will be extremely difficult.


For every kill the player gains experience, which are spent on getting new levels. The higher the character level, the more choice of weapons and equipment. The main in-game currency is gold, give it seldom and more often with increasing level. For each round are distributed gunbucks (you can buy weapons and equipment) and combat tokens (they give the elements the appearance, like clothes, bandanas, and avatars).

Weapons, equipment and ammunition can be obtained for gold or gun bucks, also it all occurs, which the Guns of Boom three types for the combat tokens for the gold and free. Store prices are very humane and you can buy gold, experience boosts and gun bucks, or participate in sales of arms, spend from 100 to 350 rubles.

If you do not pour money into the game, you will have to play a lot in two days we barely got that up to level 9, and all of them 50 and more, the longer. A new weapon opens up about 8-9 levels so that progress without monetization will be slow. But still interesting to play, despite the fact that you use conventional weapons or enhanced.

To simplify pumping is possible if to carry out tasks — basic and every day. They are simple and it takes about 30-40 minutes.

For a daily entrance into the game also provides rewards. Another opportunity to speed leveling is to view the advertisement, which offers developers. In any case, the reward will be small — a few gun bucks, gold, equipment, decorative items.


A short training is necessary just to teach the player how to move and rotate the camera, aiming and shooting is responsible for the game itself. Easy to manage, which can even be called magic, is a feature of the project.

In a mobile shooter, it is incredibly convenient, considering that from the screen there is no tactile feedback, and most of the buttons just get in the hands. Yes, someone might say that this makes Guns of Boom too arcade, but if you are good with sensor, or play via gamepad, then the desired settings you can enable:

We recommend all first to win a couple of fights and then go into the settings to set its parameters, for example, to improve your efficiency in battle, can the slider sensitivity of the screen.

Graphics and sound

Have Guns of Boom’s very low system requirements and the game almost always runs smoothly even on devices 2-3 years ago, may start on the flagship 4-5 years ago, but fee is low graphics and mediocre effects. Guns of Boom at the level of the most Counter-Strike 1.6 and its flaws are hidden only through hand-drawn visual style.

Quality settings no, but you can enable 60 FPS to have smooth gameplay, comparable to PC-shooters.

As for the sound, it is the most disappointing part of the Guns of Boom. First, it’s flat and dull, and secondly, no background sound and the sound of gunfire only change when you change the type of weapon. It is not always clear where the source of fire, and the track in the main menu one and get bored pretty quickly. But the game says your murder.

To the credit of the developers, they implemented the feature of re-entry into the battle, if the connection for a few seconds will be interrupted. At the same time for draining of the game is punishable.


The main advantage of Guns of Boom game and very addictive, it wants to spend more and more time. This panders to the simple gameplay, easy control, a sufficient number of game options and weapons.

But after 30-40 minutes will face the dilemma — to wait for the next free recharge gear the whole day or to pour money into the game. Monetization is almost not felt and you can always continue to play for free, but lack of money will make itself felt.

The important thing is that the developers allow the player to decide — will he spend money or not, and not stifle gameplay even on the higher difficulty levels. Well, we can recommend Guns of Boom and are confident that the game is perfect when you have to wait a queue for coupons on the Internet and stuff like that.