Marvel universe: from the origins to the Era of ALTRON

Marvel Studios can be accused of anything, but not that the movie Studio is not suitable seriously for seven years, the company managed to take eleven feature films, three TV series, five short films, and stop, apparently, is not going to. Until 2019, the Studio plans to release in theaters eleven (!) tapes and at least 4 television series.

The concept of the “multiverse”, which is extensively used in Marvel comics, good works and their film adaptations. All the inconsistencies and differences with the original due to the fact that the action of the epic is not in the main for the graphic novels universe Earth 616, and in the parallel Earth 199999.

A small remark before we start. If you for some reason are not yet familiar with all the Marvel movies, maybe to avoid spoilers you should limit this table to show the correct view (click to enlarge).

Untrained viewer will not be easy to sort out all this mess, given the fact that the Studio is not particularly concerned about the fact that the movies came out in chronological order, but recently decided to abandon the so-called “origin movies”, preferring instead to introduce new characters through cameo and flashback. Well, let’s try to restore the order of the events and see what happens.

Let’s start from afar, from the creation of the Universe and the Infinity Stones. These are powerful artifacts created by the cosmic entities (the Supreme being in the Marvel universe) after the Big Bang initial singularities. Each of the stones gives the holder power over one aspect of the universe — space, soul, reality, time, strength, and mind.

The holographic image of a bas-relief with the process of creating the Infinity Stones in the Museum of the Collector. Guardians Of The Galaxy

The holographic image of a bas-relief with the process of creating the Infinity Stones in the Museum of the Collector. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Some time stones possess supernatural power of celestial. What happened to celestially, it is unclear, but the Collector suggests that they were destroyed by the power of the Infinity Stones. Only one thing is certain — even before their disappearance, the Stone of Power was signed in the field and placed in storage underwater temple on the planet Morag.

The period before Convergence

The rebel group alien warrior of the Kree experiments on various living forms in an attempt to create genetically modified soldiers. On Earth, the Kree used the Terrigen Crystals that produce the eponymous Mist — a strong mutagen, is able to provide people with supernatural abilities, turning them into Nonhumans. The crystals are enclosed in obelisks, touch which only supports a certain genetic sequences — those who the Kree are considered worthy. In addition, the obelisks contain a series of prompts regarding the location of an underground Kree city, which must occur in the transformation. In the end, the rulers of the Kree know about the experiments and turn them. On the Ground are an abandoned city, obelisks and at least one dead alien.

Convergence, 2988 BC

Time in 5,000 years the nine realms, connected by a “cosmic tree” Yggdrasil, arranged in a certain order, the boundaries between them become thinner, causing various anomalies and, in particular, contributes to the emergence of portals that go from one world to another.

Malekith, the leader of the dark elves, decides to use the Convergence to destroy all nine realms at once using a Broadcast, a deadly red substance. Its plans were prevented by the army of asgardian under the command of Bor, father of Odin. Bor defeats Malekith and ordered to hide the Ether, which is actually the Reality gem.

Two thousand years after One stops the invasion of the frost giants in Midgard (Earth), throws them back to Jotunheim, where it routed the enemy forced to surrender. In Asgard Odin returns with Loki, son of laufey the ruler of the giants, which raises as his own. After five hundred years, king Asa decides to hide on Earth another Infinity Stone — the Tesseract, the Space Stone.

The twentieth century and the Second world war

In 1930 in Germany, Dr. Abraham Erskine begins work on creating a serum that can turn ordinary people into super-soldiers, about the same time, Obergruppenfuhrer SS Johann Schmidt creates an organization “Hydra” and begins the search for the Tesseract. Tips launch the “Red Room”, a training camp, where teenage girls turn into ruthless killers “Black Widows”.

In the 1940’s in the United States, on the orders of Roosevelt, established the organization Strategic Scientific Reserve (S. S. R.), in the same year it began working for Howard stark who found the time deposits of the rare metal vibranium. Schmidt has forced Dr. Erskine to inject him test version of the serum. As a result, Schmidt gets the desired effect, but is disfigured and takes the alias of the Red Skull. From the clutches of the Nazis rescues Erskine, Peggy Carter, agent S. S. R. Upon arrival to the States the doctor, with the help of Howard stark, continues to work on the serum. After three years their studies are successful serum was successfully tested on Steve Rogers. While Rogers get used to the image of Captain America, develops a shield of vibranium, loses in battle best friend Bucky Barnes and the one having an affair with agent Carter, Schmidt finds the Tesseract, rebelling against the Third Reich and tries to use the power of the artifact to strike at the United States…

…unsuccessfully, through the intervention of the Cap. The red Skull goes to open the Tesseract portal, and Rogers decides to crash the plane with a deadly weapon on Board in the Arctic. Searches made by Howard stark, have been in vain. Scientist finds the Tesseract, but Captain America seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Germany surrendered, but the Hydra lives. Dr. Rinehart discovers one of the obelisks Kree and begins to test it on humans. Agent Carter, the Director of the S. S. R. Chester Phillips and Howard stark founded shield where, as part of Operation Paperclip, recruiting a member of Hydra, Dr. Arnim Ash. However, the doctor continues to work on the Hydra and creates the cells of this organization inside the shield. In between, Ash finds Bucky Barnes, presumed dead, washes to the brain, turning into an obedient soldier Hydra, and then plunges him into a cryogenic sleep.

The next half-century are relatively quiet. In the sixties Howard stark, together with Soviet scientist Anton Vanko, developing the arc reactor. After the deportation of Vanko at the stark Union calls the technology own invention. Dr. Henry Pym opens the so-called Pym Particles, able to increase or decrease the size and weight of objects and living beings. In the seventies from an incurable disease die Arnim Zola, having before his death to upload his consciousness into a supercomputer shield.

In the eighties Henry Pym creates a special suit and becomes the first Man-ant. Calvin Zabo opens medical practice in China, which marries Jiin — the only one of those who survived tests by Dr. Rinehart in the late forties. Obelisk awarded Jiin the gift of longevity and all the time took care of the survivors terrigenic. The couple has a daughter Daisy, but family happiness was short — Jiin is captured by Hydra, where it undergoes another series of experiments, Zabo’s daughter leaves and goes in search of his wife, but finds only her mutilated body. Thanks to the skills of Slaughtering and supernatural abilities of their own body Jayin back to life. Slaughter, in turn, brings medical formula, thanks to which he gets an incredible power, but becomes extremely aggressive, turning into Mr. Hyde. Rinehart uses biological tissue Jiin to rejuvenate and returned to the ranks of Hydra under the alias Daniel Whitehall.

The ‘ 88 father of Peter quill Yondu and hires a gang of Ravagers, that they kidnapped his son from the Ground. Yondu steals the boy, but leaves him to himself. In 1990, the agent of shield as John Garrett detonates a mine in Sarajevo. Mortally wounded, Garrett was taken for treatment to a Corporation, Cybertek, is closely related to the Hydra. The damaged organs were replaced by artificial, thus, Garrett was the first subject of the Deathlok program.

Century began not too successfully. First, the selfishness of Tony stark hurt two people Advanced Idea Mechanics founder Aldrich Killian and the outstanding genetics of Maya Hansen, which combine efforts to develop a deadly virus Extremis. Then, in 2005, Bruce Banner becomes the victim of a secret experiment with the use of reconstituted serum Abraham Erskine and gamma rays, having the opportunity to turn into a huge and extremely angry green monster.

Aldridge Killian begins testing Extremis on the lost limbs of veterans of the U.S. army, Ukraine Natasha Romanova first meets the Winter Soldier, who kills a protected Black Widow scientist. Shield is studying the ancient remains of the Kree, trying to extract genetic material for medical purposes. The project is called T. A. H. I. T. I., responsible for Director fury makes a promising agent Phil Coulson.

In 2010, stark conducts a demonstration of the missile system, the Jericho, near Kabul, and after it is captured by members of the terrorist group calling themselves the Ten Rings, which is headed by the mysterious Mandarin (the real one, the films have not been). The attack Tony was injured by shrapnel weapons of its own production, but was rescued by another prisoner of the “Ten Rings” — Dr. Ho Inseam, which was attached to stark’s chest the electromagnet holding the shrapnel at a safe distance from the heart. The captivity lasted three months, all the while the terrorists demanded Tony to create for them an analogue of Jericho, but stark and Insen used the resulting resources for the development of the first Iron Man suit, powered by a miniature arc reactor.

Upon returning from captivity, stark continues to develop the idea with the costumes, creating a queue Mark II and Mark III. After learning that the Afghan terrorists use weapons of stark industries, Tony goes to Afghanistan.

In the end open (not without the help of agent Coulson and Tony’s personal assistant pepper Potts), that for the whole story with terrorists and kidnapping is the former head of stark industries Obadiah Stein. Having dealt with Stein, Tony gives a press-conference where declares that he is Iron Man, immediately followed by a proposal of nick fury to join the Avengers Initiative. Stark refuses.

A while Iron Man remains the center of attention. Entirely absorbed in his new hobby, stark reports as head of stark industries pepper Potts and hires a new assistant — Natalie Rushman, which later turns out to be Natasha Romanova. Along the way, Tony is faced with Ivan Vanko wanting revenge for his father.

Meanwhile, in front of Tony and are more urgent questions — for example what to replace toxic palladium, which runs embedded in his chest arc reactor. From despair Tony climbs into the bottle, which leads to conflict with Colonel James Rhodes, stark’s friend. He confiscates from stark’s old suit Mark II and delivers it to a US military base, where it is significantly modified. Putting on the suit, Rhodes becomes a warrior.

Tony, looking through old records of his father, finds a new, hitherto unknown element, which allows him to finally get away from palladium and save thus his own life.

At the other end of the universe, in Asgard, Thor prepares to ascend to the throne, but the coronation was interrupted by the invasion of the ice giants. Funny moment: attentive viewer can see the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos stored in the treasure room of Odin, and inserted in her stones.

Wanting to get even for his arrogance, Thor associates travel to Jotunheim, a little calculating power. From an unpleasant situation shiftless son saved by One, deciding, however, to punish for stupidity. Devoid of strength Thor is sent to Midgard. He needs to prove that he is worthy of the title of the ruler of Asgard.

While Iron Man and warrior fighting finally running amok with a Whip, shield manages to find the fallen hammer of Thor and set around it security. Here on the stage first appears, the Archer Hawkeye, even without the usual purple suit. Thor meets a young astrophysicist Jane foster and, by and large, feels good, despite the loss of power. Same drama in Asgard, Loki discovers that he was adopted, and One falls asleep to regain strength, it is the case. Loki takes power into its hands, and sends to earth the Destroyer — a huge ashaninka iron warrior. Of course, in combat, Thor wins, he regains the lost strength, leaving the body of the Destroyer in the custody of the shield and goes to Asgard, to deal with the brethren. During the fight Thor was forced to destroy the Bifrost rainbow bridge connecting worlds. Farewell to Jane (at least at the time).

At the same time, the military tracked down after the Hulk, hiding in Rio de Janeiro. Banner returns to the States to try to recover, where faces Emil Blonsky, under the influence of the serum turned into an Abomination. Defeating Blonsky, Banner is sent to Greenland to commit suicide where no one will be able to find the body. The suicide attempt failed, at the last moment, Bruce turned into the Hulk, who in a fit of rage brought down the glacier, thus opening frozen in ice Captain America.

After fury shows stark video of an angry Hulk, he decides to join the shield on the rights of the consultant. The world security Council welcomes the Initiative of the Avengers and fury supplies the tools required for the study of the Tesseract.

It’s time to assemble a team of superheroes, especially that turned up an excuse any — have returned to Earth, Loki, armed with a Mind Stone, which he got from Thanos. Thanos, the mad Titan, wants to collect all six Infinity Stones and promises Loki an army to conquer Earth in exchange for the Tesseract.

Luckily, frozen in ice Captain America finally discovered, defrosted and ready to lead a squad of Avengers in which, in addition to himself and Iron Man are Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor, arrived on Earth to reason with uncontrolled Loki. Captured by the God of Deception are delivered to helicarrier — huge flying headquarters of shield. Where, of course, not everything goes according to plan.

The Avengers find out that shield was planning to use the technology of the Tesseract to produce weapons, Loki escapes, before releasing the Hulk and killing agent Coulson, over new York opened a portal, where numerous parachute chitauri, the Avengers meet again, defeat the failed invaders, along the way spreading out of new York and svezheproseyannuyu by stark Tower, sending planningo Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard, and then together eating Shawarma. Shield lost one of the stones of eternity, purchased the other contained in the staff Loki.

The second phase of kynoselen marvel

On the background of the invasion of the alien army a few lost sight of the first attacks of the False Mandarin and warrior confrontation with the terrorists of the “Ten Rings”. Okay, that Tony stark suffering from PTSD after the events in new York, have built an entire Armada of suits that can, if necessary, to act independently.

Gallant company was called “the Iron Legion” and it came very to the point, because the Avengers have dispersed who where, and Pseudo-Mandarin encroached on the sacred — first sent to the hospital bed, happy Hogan, old friend and bodyguard to Tony, and then smashed his luxury estate in California, nearly killing pepper Potts. In the end, pepper is in captivity, Tony — somewhere in the American backwoods, and Colonel Rhodes gets a new suit, painted in the colors of the American flag, and the name Iron Patriot.

What follows is a crazy mess with the kidnapping of the President and the suit of Iron Patriot, turning pepper in super-human and the main plot twist of the film, a False Mandarin is a fake duck, and for all this mess are Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen. As the denouement spectacular acts of slaughter, during which stark loses all of their costumes.

While Thor is busy restoring the rainbow bridge and restore order to the Nine realms, stark and solves their problems in therapy sessions, Bruce Banner, to take the rap for all of them have shield. Here — a resurgent Hydra, supermen, created by project Centipede — scientific research Hydra, which use advanced technology and the Extremis virus. And the stage again goes dead in the Avengers, agent Coulson. Came handy project T. A. H. I. T. I. and the most ancient Kree corpse. The composition of the agents of shield and the classic: full of mysteries head is one thing, a few field agents, a pair of scientists recently joined the team hacker-an orphan with a dark past, agent Skye.

The nine realms once again begin to converge, generating anomalies and interdimensional portals. One of them gets a romantic interest of Thor, Jane foster, who, by accident, is where you store the Aether, the Reality gem. The latter immediately transports himself into the body of Jane. After returning to Earth she discovers unusual abilities, and Thor, suspecting something was amiss, takes her to Asgard. Malekith freed from the prison of Odin, in Asgard invaded by an army of dark elves, carrying death and destruction.

It requires the combined efforts of Thor, Loki and other Ashanti in order to send the invaders back to their destroyed world and extract the Aether from Jane. As to store two Infinity Stone in the same world unsafe, Ether it was decided to send be deposited in the Museum of Tanilir Tiwana, also known as the Collector. The latter, however, are not averse to get their hands on all six of them.

Meanwhile on Earth woke up Hydra. While Skye and Coulson tried to figure out the puzzles with the alien genes and alien characters in the Eastern European Republic of Cocovia the popular uprising, during which the scepter of Loki falls into the hands of Baron von Strucker, one of the leaders of Hydra. Together with Dr. Leaf von Strucker starts a series of experiments on people, including yourself, and the twins Pietro and Wanda, Maximoff — Quicksilver and scarlet Witch, respectively.

At this time, the Cap clashed about how Director fury does business in S. I. T. E. the Situation is aggravated by the system of threat prevention “Project Insight” — three helicarrier, equipped with the latest weapons, capable of striking thousands of targets simultaneously. However, to argue had on fury takes a number of attempts, in which he dies. Then it becomes clear that shield has long compromised and actually for many years is rather a branch of Hydra. Hi Arnima Ash, Yes. Teaming up with Black Widow and Falcon, Rogers confronts the latter-day menace and the mysterious Winter Soldier, who is a longtime friend of the Cap — Bucky Barnes.

In Agents of shield as well as a split, after the disappearance of fury’s leadership finally turned to Coulson, who is trying to rebuild the organization. One of the key team members is an agent of Hydra and a student of John Garrett. The man behind the Centipede project. Coulson and Skye are decoding “Words of Creation”, which is actually a map, which can be used to find the abandoned city of the Kree.

Nova Empire and the Kree have signed a peace agreement, putting an end to centuries of conflict. The rebel Kree, Ronan the Accuser, refuses to recognize the agreement, stating that he intends to destroy Xander, the Central planet of the Empire new. Ronan is Thanos, who has not abandoned the idea to collect all the Infinity Stones.

This time we are talking about a Sphere, the Stone of Strength. For the hunt field at all space thugs led by Yondu, a breakaway from them, Peter quill, unknown under self-selected nickname Star-Lord, the adopted daughter of Thanos Gamora, another adopted daughter of Thanos Nebula, the Collector, and indeed all and Sundry.

After securing the stone, Ronan decides to leave his master and go on a personal crusade to Xander. Big mistake, if you are the Guardians of the Galaxy — rogue, assassin, another killer, reasonable and unreasonable raccoon, humanoid tree… Well, seriously, dude, what were you thinking? Together, the motley crew were able to cope with the power of Stone to defeat Ronan and save their Asses from prison.

Meanwhile on Earth shield finds the abandoned city of the Kree, but things are pretty bad. Agents lose a part of the team, Skye and Raina, one of the main opponents of the group, are carriers of the desired genetic sequence and start the process of torregentile. The result of the Rhine mutates and after exterior transformation receives the gift of foreseeing the future, and Skye gets the ability to control the internal frequency of the items. Thus it becomes clear that Skye is none other than the lost daughter. and Jiin — Daisy Johnson, the superhero Quake, the future Director of shield.

While Skye goes to meet your mother, and Marvel prepares us for the future film adaptation of the Inhumans, S. H. I. E. L. ie decide which of the two branches of the organization present. At the same time the Avengers come together again to deal with Baron von Strucker and return staff Loki, in which, as we know, Thanos placed another Infinity Stone, the Mind Stone. Having suffered an unpleasant defeat against the twins, Maximoff, the Avengers manages to capture the staff, though not without losses — twins were not too tough daring six. Pursued by paranoid visions, sent by Scarlet Witch, Tony stark decides to create artificial intelligence to protect the Earth from external and internal threats. Based on stark and Banner take Jarvis and the mind that was imprisoned in the Stone of Infinity. Experiment expectedly failed, Ultron goes out of control, and, seizing the Iron Legion stark, he begins to pose a threat to the continued existence of mankind.

After a small scuffle (a hint of future Civil War), supporters of creating the next artificial intelligence led Iron Man manages to load in the updated body of Jarvis. In the process the top merges with the Stone of the Mind and becomes Vigina. It vizhen played a decisive role during the final battle with Astronom, which, in some measure, was the last for the current composition of the Avengers. Most of the old characters goes to rest (at least temporarily), and Marvel, meanwhile, introduces us with a new team, which includes Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Patriot, Vigena, Falcon and Scarlet Witch.

It would seem that you can relax a little in anticipation of ant-Man, the final film of the second phase of kynoselen Marvel, but judging by what movies await us in the next three years, to relax early. In addition to returning to the family of Spidey (Marvel Studios finally bought Sony the film rights to Spidey), individual tapes about Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and the aforementioned Villains, Marvel takes the First avenger: Civil war, telling of a confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America, which began due to the introduction of the US government Act on the registration of superheroes. Stark supported the initiative, suggesting that accurate records of all superhumans needed in the first place for reasons of security, and Rogers, in contrast, said that this infringement of rights and freedoms. The next film about the Avengers will be divided into two sections, with the subtitle “War of Infinity.” Not for nothing, you see, at the end of the Era of ALTRON for the Infinity Stones went personally Thanos with his glove (Yes, in Marvel they say that Gloves Infinity now two). Well, in Asgard, obviously too, not all thank God — otherwise why would the third part of Thor called Ragnarok?

You may have noticed that in this chronology somehow missing Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. The fact is that while everyone else solved the problem in the General universal scale, Murdoch ran down after the chitauri invasion Hell’s Kitchen in a stupid scarf and beat the muzzle of some absolutely unimportant bandits local manner. The idea is that in future Daredevil and the other series of kynoselen marvel should unite in a Defenders crossover, but at this stage, to unite themselves, and no one. I’m Sorry, Matt.

Actually, about how things are with kynoselen Marvel at the moment. This year promises to be relatively calm in addition to Ant-Man, we are waiting for is that “Known as Jessica Jones” series on Netflix with Kristen Ritter and David Tennant. The first major fight is scheduled for the sixth of may 2016, when the screens will be released “the First avenger: Civil war”.