Review Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion — all aboard!

Video games in the universe of the animated series “Adventure Time”, perhaps, has already visited all the popular platforms, and every time in the most unexpected forms. And this is not surprising. During the eight years the show brought to the screens a huge audience of fans who want to watch the adventures of favorite characters, but also to take direct part in them.

New game about the adventures of Finn the boy and Jake the dog, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, catches two birds with one stone. It not only tells a story that could be included in one of the episodes of the show, but also gives fans the chance to try on the role of favorite characters.

Where it all begins?

In the story, the Land of Uuu, just four hours is immersed under water. Because of this to travel between major cities was possible only on ships and boats. In water space has blossomed piracy, and in the depths of lurking evil.

Taking a small boat, our heroes travel to the Kingdom of ice king to find out the old man causes of sudden changes in the climate. Suddenly the magician is at it again! Along the way, players demonstrate key features and let you admire the beauty of the virtual copies Uuu.

What you can do in the game?

In the Pirates of the Enchiridion was a place to freely explore the world on a personal pot, and turn-based battles in the style of Japanese role-playing games, and interrogation in the spirit of L. A. Noire. The last is the most unexpected and yet the coolest aspect of the game.

Swimming is all over the map, visiting the most recognizable places Uuu. Here and there, you can use Jake to pull the prey, to fight the enemy boats and shoot guns at targets. The characters while traveling can sing a song, to exchange ideas about what is happening and just shout your favorite phrase.

On land you can buy in the store supplies, take a few jobs from the locals, to open chests and fight enemies to gain extra experience. You can also find new team members to return Boo to the normal state.

All in the game four characters, which you can add to the group: Finn, Jake, BMO, and Marceline. The first two are available from the start, but charming Marcelino and robot BMO will need to find the plot. Everyone has their own unique abilities and super attacks. For example, Finn can freeze enemies with the sword, donated by the ice king, or to use its robot arm.

During turn-based combat, the participants stand opposite each other. In one move you can perform only one action: attack, use a special move to get in a protective stance, use some kind of potion or item from the backpack.

Also during the fight the members of a group can emerge from himself, dealing damage to random enemies. At such moments, they cannot be controlled. What enraged character can become an easy target for a series of strong blows of the enemy.

Pirates of the Enchiridion should not be confused with a hardcore JRPG. Possible combinations of abilities during combat, not much to get confused in them. Out of combat no problem, you can improve all the characteristics of the characters, without sacrificing something. And items to power up commands that you can lose only because of the difference in levels.

The developers at Climax Studios were aware that their game will be bought by fans of the Adventure Time brand of different ages. So I had to sacrifice the complexity that nobody is confused in turn-based battles with talking bananas.

That’s the most fun in the game?

Turn-based battles are good, but clearly inferior to the interrogation in terms of fun. Encountering a key character that could shed light on the events in OOO, Finn and Jake begin to play “Good COP/Bad COP.” The scenery change into a dark room with a single lamp, and the yellow dog clothed in the costume of the detective.

The suspect is usually in mild confusion. To talk it, either by threats or offering a helping hand. The indicator above the head of the interrogated will tell the tactics of interrogation. Nothing complicated, the main thing is to listen carefully and to read.

What is happening during the questioning looks incredibly comical, especially if the well know characters caught at the table.

The game is similar to the animated series?

Despite the use of three-dimensional objects, Pirates of the Enchiridion are very similar visually and in spirit to the animated series. Artists Climax Studios love moved the bright colors and recognizable style show in the game. Observant players will even notice that the mouth movements of the characters were used two-dimensional animation from the original.

The only thing that slightly spoils the impression is a clumsy movements of the characters outside of combat and movement in the water. While walking and waving arms, Finn with friends like a group of stumps, deprived of the opportunity to smoothly move their limbs. This is at odds with the hyperactive animation “adventure Time”. Most likely, the Studio simply did not have time and sufficient budget to work on a large number of animations. Therefore, the shortage of visual jokes they tried to compensate with amusing dialogues between the characters.

And what is the result?

The world of Land of OOO without problems even recognizable under tons of water, and the characters are constantly thrown puns and absurd jokes. Even the original voices of all the characters left untouched. The perfect interactive adventure for “their”.

But if you do not belong to the group of loyal viewers of the show, Pirates of the Enchiridion may seem boring, due to not the complex system of turn-based combat and empty world. So best to feel the atmosphere of the animated series, and already then to pay attention to the game.