All you need to know about Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Now we offer you to get acquainted with the main information that will be useful for those who are just beginning to dive into the series, or not averse to refresh your memory.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Modern Restart

Work on the re-imagining of Tomb Raider began in the early part of this decade, and the first sketches were even earlier. The efforts of Crystal Dynamics has become the game of 2013, which attracted strong evaluation and have received a lot of praise from fans of Lara Croft. Then in front of us was a girl, but already showing the ambition, the skills of “practical archaeology” and excellent ability to survive.

Three years later, the team released the sequel, proving that this is not just an alternative version of Uncharted, and the stronger action-adventure game first class, able to stand on its own. The second game did not jump into the future and continued with the biography of the beloved podgy, pushing her with new challenges, providing new challenges. However, it was only a preparation before the shock that can test the players trikvela, acquainted with new sides of her character.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider comes out at the end of the current generation of consoles, boasting numerous technological improvements, at the same time continuing to move in the direction of enrichment of the personality of Lara Croft. The most significant move of the series is that then Lara begins to realize that she is in itself a destructive force. It’s not just the desire of the person wanting to possess the relics, and the movement towards the ultimate goal. However, the path to understanding themselves and their place in the world you will have to make their own sins. Growing up will cost Lara a high price.

Forget Tomb Raider the last decades. Unobtrusive and attention exclusively to the research have given way to themes of colonialism, greed, lust for power, loss of archaeological treasures and the history of cultures. And that’s not counting the brutal reality of the law of the jungle.

The scene

Setting Shadow of the Tomb Raider acts as Central America, but events are not developing in one location, and move the story progresses. We will see the underground churches, go around the city on the Day of the Dead will survive in the jungle, solve the mysteries of ancient ruins, swim under water and even visit the lost Mayan city, which became the biggest hub in the series Tomb Raider.

The city lost civilization blends the traditions of not only the Mayans, but the Incas. Wandering the streets of Paytiti, you can see the areas set aside religion, trade, farming business and other activities. If you wish, you can even dress up in local costume, not to stand out against ordinary citizens, as well as listen to traditional speech.

Such a major change in climate zones after the “gray” Siberia will be pleasant to lovers of heat and sun. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is full of light and colors, of contrasts, breathtaking views and hazards of their local environment. This is especially true of fish and big cats — they should be extremely careful.

The Apocalypse?

He’s the most!

You might see a long record gameplay or read in previews that the main events in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider are associated with the Mayan Apocalypse. And all, allegedly, is the fault of most of Lara — one of the lessons, resembling miss Croft, what her choices will have serious consequences not only for her personally.

A cause of catastrophic events was a secret organization, “Trinity”, which is engaged in search of ancient ceremonial dagger. Not knowing Lara first “produces” the subject, unwittingly running down before the end of the world: earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. However, in combination with another artifact ceremonial dagger can change the world. Now the young raider you want to admit a mistake, get over yourself and try to prevent the inevitable.

Crystal Dynamics together with Eidos Montreal have done a great job studying the history, customs, architecture, language and everything related to the civilizations of Central America. Fans of the history of the peoples of Mesoamerica should be delighted with the frescoes, symbols, descriptions, language and culture, which reflected the developers. That doesn’t mean it’s worth writing your essay about the Mayan culture and calendar based on the game, but the mixture of fact and fiction keeps the balance without breaking the desire to believe in the built world.

The raider on your taste

Like previous installments of the series restarted in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider there is the combat system, but this time she got much more opportunities for covert passage. What to choose as a priority — you decide, but there are three branches: the gathering, hunting and fighting abilities.

Investing in stealth you can open a new, unusual way to neutralize enemies. If you thought that on your way you must kill, it is not so — if you want you can craft special ammunition for pistols and bow. For example, enemies can blind and disorient. If you have no sympathy for mercenaries, but in an open battle to climb there is no desire, there are poison gas, triggered by the approach of the enemy. How about a trap on a corpse that explodes when one of the enemies comes to understand why is Pedro sleeping during the patrol.

Prefer not to stand on ceremony? You don’t have a nostalgic attachment to Lara, who didn’t kill hundreds of people? And there are your skills and abilities. Developing, collecting and extracting the vegetation you can create healing potions to restore health after a tense shootout. One of the skills reduces incoming damage to a character he different types of weapons. The other allows you to slow down time when you aim that all the shots were had state without exception.

However, the skills and personal approach to gameplay that’s not all customization of the gameplay for themselves.

The complexity on the shoulder

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has three main pillars: combat, exploration and solving puzzles. Each of them throws out a challenge, but if you are not very good with puzzles, it is not a reason for concern.

A new game provides the ability to adjust the level of difficulty of each of the three elements. The problem with riddles is enough to open the menu and choose easy level, highlighting those elements of the environment that allow to solve puzzles. You can put the maximum complexity, so all you will have to solve without help.

The same applies to the combat system and research, ensuring balance regardless of your strengths and weaknesses. Developers no longer need to seek a middle ground — all in your hands.

Fashion matters

As in the previous parts of the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider includes various items of clothing and a few models. How about the classical variation of blue shirt and khaki pants? What can you say about a classic design from the ‘ 90s — low polygons in the set.

Although running with such old-school Lara Croft fun, much more fun to use those parts of the equipment, that affect the game. In the process of passing you will unlock new pieces of clothing that can be worn after repairs. And they look not just cool, but deepen your chosen approach to undergo.

After a couple of hours of the game you can find one of the suits that reduce the chance that enemies will notice Lara. And one pair of booties provides additional materials.


In conclusion this excursion into the Shadow of the Tomb Raider would like to remind anyone who will go or has already gone on a new adventure with Lara Croft — don’t forget about the photo mode.

This option is available on all platforms and offers amazing photographic opportunities. You can set the “mood” of Lara in the frame. Send us your best shots in comments.

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